Clinton-era Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr said Monday on Tucker Carlson Tonight that he has "concerns" about the team surrounding Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Starr said that there is a need for a special counsel, but that the independent counsel statute "was the wrong way to go."

"We do want honesty in government," he said. "That, in theory, is what this is all about."

He applauded the indictments against 12 Russian military intelligence officers in July regarding the hacking of the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 election.

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Starr added, though, that he isn't comfortable with Mueller almost exclusively hiring partisan Democrats onto his team.

He said that he has "great confidence" in Mueller "as a person," and that attacks toward him were "ill-founded" about his investigation being partisan.

However, Starr added that he does "have concerns about the people around him."

Carlson also asked Starr's about his new memoir, in which he said he considered bringing perjury charges against then-first lady Hillary Clinton in 1995.

"You have to be able to prove the case," he said Monday. "There are clear differences between what a prosecutor knows and what the prosecutor can prove.”

Starr writes in “Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation" that he deposed then-president Bill Clinton and the first lady about White House deputy counsel Vince Foster's suicide and the Whitewater investigation.

He writes that during Hillary Clinton's deposition, she said she "did not remember" or "recall" more than 100 times.

“This suggested outright mendacity. To be sure, human memory is notoriously fallible, but her strained performance struck us as preposterous.”

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