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Okay, before we get started, this is going to be my last Final Thoughts until we launch Fox Nation -- but more on that later…

Contrary to popular belief, you can listen to and respect someone’s point of view without absorbing it.

I have some Final Thoughts.

Here’s the deal, I believe we all want what’s best for this country -- we just have different ways of going about it, and that’s fine! This political climate has driven us so far apart we’ve forgotten how to agree to disagree.

We’ve also been conditioned to steer clear of religion and politics -- especially conservatives. The fear of discussing religion and politics has led to the inability to navigate difficult conversations about difficult topics. But that needs to change.

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How are we going to change anything if we don’t step up and speak our minds? Free speech isn’t just saying what you want to say, it’s also hearing what you don’t want to hear.

I’ve heard from countless people -- particularly young people -- who are afraid to say what they want to say for fear of being labeled, rejected, shunned or even physically attacked. And that has to change.

Political correctness is intellectual dishonesty. Stand up. Speak out. Find your voice and use it.

Take it from someone who is labeled “too controversial” on a daily basis. When you live, speak and stand without fear, everything changes. If that’s “controversial,” so be it.

I’m going to stand up for the average American, for law enforcement, ranchers, farmers, our veterans, our military, our flag and, yes, our national anthem. I’m going to ruffle feathers and ignite debate. I’m going to speak my mind and I'm going to inspire you to do the same.

I don’t want to tell you how to think. I don’t even want you to think like me. I just want you to think for yourself.

Now, you guys know, I have a lot to say. But after today, I’m saving it all for Fox Nation. From now on, my Final Thoughts will be for Fox Nation members only.

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So for now, this is Tomi Lahren signing off until I see you all again -- on Fox Nation.

From L.A., God bless and take care.

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