Sean Hannity called out Nike following the announcement that Colin Kaepernick is the new face of the company’s “Just Do It” campaign.

A Nike advertisement featuring Kaepernick hit social media on Monday and instantly began trending nationwide for its controversial messaging. In it, two sentences lay superimposed on a black and white headshot of Kaepernick: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Kaepernick, a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who remains a free agent, started the controversial trend of NFL players refusing to stand for the anthem in 2016 to protest racial inequality and police brutality.

There has been a huge backlash to Nike's decision to go into business with the former quarterback-turned-social-justice-activist, with many social media users posting videos and photos of them destroying their Nike-branded apparel.

On Tuesday, Hannity said Nike and Kaepernick don't understand what "sacrificing everything" really means.

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"'Sacrificing everything' is not a multimillionaire social justice warrior whose greatest feat of bravery [is] kneeling on a football field," Hannity said.

He said soldiers, law enforcement officers and firefighters are the ones who truly sacrifice everything.

"There are millions of men and women who have really sacrificed everything for strangers they didn't even know, so the world, this country, could be a better, safer, freer place" Hannity said.

"There are plenty of heroes in this country that Nike could feature, but [a] Castro-loving ... cop-hating, ex-three-year-backup quarterback is not one of them."

Watch Hannity's mini-monologue above, plus Tomi Lahren asking Californians what they think about Nike's Kaepernick ad campaign.

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