Former UFC fighter and Army Ranger Tim Kennedy is joining the Nike boycott over the company's announcement that Colin Kaepernick is the new face of their "Just Do It" campaign.

A Nike advertisement featuring Kaepernick recently hit social media and instantly began trending nationwide for its controversial messaging. In it, two sentences lay superimposed on a black and white headshot of Kaepernick: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

There has been a huge backlash to Nike's decision to go into business with the former quarterback-turned-social-justice-activist, with many people boycotting Nike and some social media users even posting videos and photos of them destroying their Nike-branded apparel.

Kennedy took to Twitter to state that he respects Kaepernick's right to freedom of speech, but he loves the flag and he "will never wear anything" from the company again.

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On "Fox & Friends First" on Wednesday, Kennedy said it's an insult to those who have served to suggest that Kaepernick has "sacrificed everything" by protesting during the anthem.

"It's an offense to every single person that has donned that uniform to fight for our freedoms. Really fight for our freedoms," Kennedy said.

He said he's had numerous friends who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and a multimillionaire potentially losing out on additional millions is not a true sacrifice.

Kennedy acknowledged that there are issues in America surrounding racial inequality and policing, and there should be a national discussion.

"But not at the cost of disrespecting our flag and our national anthem. That's not the place for it."

Watch more from Kennedy above.

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