Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) said Wednesday on America's Newsroom that the outbursts by Senate Democrats and liberal protesters during the first day of Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation hearing were "pre-planned."

Chaos erupted in the hearing room on Tuesday as Democratic lawmakers called for delaying the proceedings and protesters repeatedly interrupted senators making opening remarks.

"[Tuesday], for me, was proof that crazy never takes a vacation up here," Kennedy said.

He added that the outbursts were "orchestrated" and likened them to a circus.

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Day two of Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings started similarly, as multiple protesters interrupted Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley as he tried to bring the hearing to order.

Grassley (R-Iowa) said on Wednesday that Democratic senators interrupted Tuesday's hearing 63 times before lunch.

He also said 70 people in the audience were arrested. Kennedy also told Bill Hemmer on Wednesday that Kavanaugh is a smart person who "knows what he believes."

Kavanaugh was grilled on issues like abortion and guns on Wednesday. Kennedy said that he is looking for a judge to protect the Bill of Rights.

"I'm not looking for a judge who's going to try to rewrite the Constitution every other Thursday to advance some agenda that the people will never accept," he said.

Republicans hope to have Kavanaugh confirmed early in October at the start of the next Supreme Court term.

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