A liberal group is using therapy dogs to encourage young people to register to vote.

The "Pups to the Polls" gimmick is part of a $30-million voter engagement effort by NextGen America, an organization founded by billionaire activist Tom Steyer.

When students returned to the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus this summer, they were greeted with therapy dogs and given an opportunity to pet the pups. They were then asked to register to vote.

It was just one of several similar events taking place in 11 battleground states with competitive congressional races in November's midterm elections, including Virginia, California and North Carolina.

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NextGen hopes the effort is a game changer, since young people tend to vote for Democrats, but often don't turn out for midterm elections.

“The outcome of this election definitely affects us,” Kellen Sharp, an 18-year-old University of Wisconsin-Madison freshman, told the Associated Press. “I’m just excited to have a voice and say something.”

Like Sharp, 20-year-old student Grace Austin was another young person who stopped to pet the dogs and wound up registering to vote.

“If we all vote, we can make a change,” Austin said.

Watch the "Fox & Friends" report above.

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