In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro directly addressed Jeff Sessions, blasting him for the job he's done as attorney general.

She asked if Sessions had any self-respect and why he'd remain in a position where he knows he isn't wanted.

President Trump said in an interview with Bloomberg News that Sessions would have his job at least until after the midterms, despite the attorney general recusing himself from the Russia probe last year.

The move has been repeatedly criticized by the president, who tweeted last week that Sessions "doesn't understand what is happening underneath his command position."

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Pirro said that Sessions "groveled and begged" for his job and was given it out of loyalty to President Trump.

"You are so clueless, you don't even know you're being used. You don't even know you're nothing but a shill."

The only constituency that wants Sessions, Pirro added, is the "deep state."

"So you've recused yourself from the 2016 Russia election probe," Judge Jeanine said. "OK, but what's your excuse for not acting like the AG? Can't you see what's going on?  For all intents and purposes, the Russia collusion investigation is over."

Sessions fired back at Trump after the president said in an interview on "Fox & Friends" last month that he "never took control of the Justice Department."

In a written statement, Sessions said:

"I took control of the Department of Justice the day I was sworn in, which is why we have had unprecedented success at effectuating the President’s agenda—one that protects the safety and security rights of the American people, reduces violent crime, enforces our immigration laws, promotes economic growth, and advances religious liberty. “While I am Attorney General, the actions of the Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations."

Pirro said that the attorney general's standing is "nothing more than a front" for a corrupt deep state.

"Are you kidding? All of America knows the DOJ continues to be to be influenced by politics," she said. "You need to do one of two things. Resign immediately, because you are not wanted. Or put on your big boy pants and be a real attorney general."

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