Greg Gutfeld said Saturday that the media can't understand President Trump's economic boom, so he got some help explaining it from Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

Gorka, a former White House adviser, first explained how the nation's longest-running bull market doesn't actually mean that a bull is inside a store.

"It just means stocks are doing great," he said. "How easy is that to understand?"

He then explained how since Trump came into office, people's paychecks have been growing.

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"It's not just a piece of paper but actual money, which you can spend on things. Food, even!" he said.

Watch the hilarious segment above!

Earlier in the show, Gutfeld also introduced his viewers to new "legal heroes" with years of experience in dangerous situations.

The law offices of Schappert and Baker enlist the help of former Green Beret Terry Schappert and former CIA officer Mike Baker.

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