The founder of a pro-life advocacy group called out Twitter's CEO Friday on Tucker Carlson Tonight for censoring her organization on the social media platform.

Live Action founder Lila Rose said that her group has been "totally banned" from advertising on Twitter for the past three years.

The group's Twitter account has close to 70,000 followers, and its Facebook page has more than 2 million followers.

At the same time as her group is being shadow-banned, Rose said, pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood are being permitted to advertise on Twitter.

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Shadow banning, or censoring, on social media platforms has recently become a prevalent issue among conservative voices.

Twitter came under fire after Vice News reported that Republican Party chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and other conservative Republican officials did not appear in the social media giant's auto-populated search results.

Rose said on Friday that her group is using other social media platforms to advertise.

"Ultimately, Twitter has sided with the abortion industry. That's what's clear," she said.

She added that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is "flat-out lying" in his statements saying his platform doesn't discriminate based on viewpoints.

Dorsey said last month on Fox News Radio’s Benson & Harf that he wants his company to be an environment in which people feel that they can freely express themselves, regardless of political views.

"He's lying to people, and we are Exhibit A," Rose said.

Watch the segment above.

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