Tucker Carlson on Thursday took aim at billionaires and corporate America for not paying employees enough and offloading the cost onto American taxpayers.

Carlson pointed to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Walmart founders the Walton family and Uber founder Travis Kalanick, noting that they are worth approximately $150 billion, $175 billion and $5 billion, respectively, but many of their workers are so poorly paid they qualify for federal welfare benefits.

"This system is indefensible," Carlson said. "And yet, almost nobody ever complains about it. How come?"

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He said conservatives support the free market, but there's nothing free or conservative about this market, just as there’s nothing conservative about most big corporations.

"Just the opposite. They are the backbone of the left," Carlson said, noting that many corporations donate lavishly to left-wing causes. "Corporate America enables the progressive lunacy you see every night on this show. They are funding the revolution now in progress."

He said that most liberal lawmakers refuse to speak up as "oligarchs amass billions by soaking our middle class," because they've been "paid off" by those oligarchs.

Carlson revealed that he has an unlikely ally in this debate: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who is planning legislation that would force big corporations to return taxpayer-funded welfare benefits their workers have been paid.

He said Sanders' legislation is not a perfect solution and it's unlikely to get support from liberals in Congress, but it might awaken Americans to the new reality of "activist corporate America."

"America has changed enormously in the last 20 years," Carlson said. "A lot of people you thought were your allies are in fact working against your interests. They have contempt for you and your family, your customs and your faith."

"Included in this group, I’m sorry to say, are a lot of big corporations. They have no use for you or the country you grew up in. Stand in their way, and they’ll crush you. You're watching it all around us, all the time."

Watch the "Tucker Carlson Tonight" commentary above.

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