Judge Jeanine Pirro said Friday on "Fox & Friends" that President Trump has rightfully stayed out of the business of the Department of Justice and its investigations of himself and Hillary Clinton.

However, Pirro said that there eventually comes a time when patience can run out.

Trump blasted the DOJ at an Indiana rally Thursday, saying they are letting Clinton "get away" with transgressions while continuing to pursue a case against him for alleged Russian collusion -- which he has repeatedly called a "witch hunt."

Pirro dismissed the substance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to appoint Utah federal prosecutor John Huber to investigate the FBI's surveillance of onetime Trump associate Carter Page.

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"Our Justice Department and our FBI have to start doing their job and doing it right," Pirro said. "He is the president. ... He has the right to appoint whoever he wants [to be attorney general]."

Pirro appeared to reference Trump's reticence to immediately replace Sessions, with Republicans and others citing likely political blowback for such a move.

She said that the "only people colluding with Russia" are the Clinton Foundation, the FBI, and ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele.

"At some point he absolutely must" get involved, Pirro said, adding that it has been more than a year with no criminal scent of a collusion-related charge against him.

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