Former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, a longtime friend of the late Sen. John McCain, said on "Your World" why he thought President Trump and the senator's former running mate Sarah Palin, were not invited to his wake.

"Did it surprise you? It seems contradictory to the message [of unity] he had in life," Neil Cavuto asked Ridge, adding that McCain's former aide Nicolle Wallace, now an MSNBC host and frequent Trump critic, was also not on the guest list.

Ridge (R-Pa.), who also served as the inaugural Homeland Security secretary, said that, knowing McCain as he did, he is not surprised who the late senator did not invite to his funeral.

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"It [likely] had less to do with policy, and more to do with how you conduct yourself," Ridge said.

Ridge said McCain felt "tension" between him and Trump, adding that "I think he chose [not to invite them] so as not to elevate the tension that existed."

Ridge added that McCain did display his lifelong message of bipartisanship by asking a former Democratic president, Barack Obama, and a former Republican president, George W. Bush, to speak at his funeral.

He also said McCain would be honored by the outpouring of love for him after his death.

"John would feel even better if once they get talking about the qualities he manifested, that that would put some of these [qualities] in their head and their heart," Ridge said.

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