Following a bombshell report that a Chinese state-owned company hacked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said the "deep state" is unwilling to conduct a full damage assessment on how and whether Clinton's mishandling of classified information damaged national security.

The Daily Caller first reported that the FBI was notified of the purported hack in 2015, when the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) warned the bureau of the intrusion.

On Wednesday, however, the FBI sharply disputed the claims, saying it “has not found any evidence the servers were compromised.”

On "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Wednesday, Fitton said there are several key unanswered questions about this possible hack of Clinton's private server.

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He noted that The Daily Caller reported that officials with the ICIG met repeatedly with FBI officials to warn them of the Chinese intrusion. Among those FBI officials was Peter Strzok, who was then the bureau’s top counterintelligence official.

"Did this meeting take place as alleged?" Fitton said. "Was there a discussion about [Clinton's server being compromised] by a Chinese front company? Did it happen? Did they look into it? Did they follow up on it?"

He said the FBI is not forthcoming with answers to those questions, and he believes it's because the answers would be embarrassing for the bureau.

Fitton said that's why Judicial Watch has sued the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and the Department of State to require them to conduct an assessment and prepare a report Clinton’s email practices as Secretary of State.

"They fight us on this. They say it wasn't serious enough to warrant a damage assessment," Fitton said. "The deep state doesn't want to do a damage assessment, they don't want to grapple with this because to do so would undermine the fiction that what Hillary did caused no damage and deserved no prosecution."

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