Mike Huckabee said President Donald Trump is right to accuse Google, Facebook and Twitter of anti-conservative bias, and he says those big tech companies have three choices: mitigation, litigation or regulation.

Trump on Tuesday threatened Google, alleging that the Internet giant’s search engine is biased against conservative media and promising that the situation “will be addressed.”

Trump reiterated his warning Tuesday afternoon in the Oval Office, saying that companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter are “taking advantage of people” and warning them to “be careful.”

Google has denied ranking search results to "manipulate" political sentiment and said the company constantly works on its algorithms to ensure users get the highest quality content.

Facebook and Twitter have also been under fire in recent months for allegedly censoring conservative and Republican accounts on their platforms, while taking a more lenient approach to liberal and left-wing users.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and other tech executives are scheduled to appear before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Capitol Hill September 5.

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On "Fox News @ Night" on Wednesday, Huckabee said he sees three options for these companies.

"Either mitigation -- they're going to dial back on themselves and try to be more fair and upfront," Huckabee said. "Litigation -- they're gonna get sued. ... Or they're going to have regulation."

He said one of those must happen because these companies have gotten too big and are exerting too much influence over how people think, gather the news and vote.

"It's coming to a head and probably soon."

Watch more from "Fox News @ Night" above.

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