General David Petraeus, formerly the head of United States Central Command and director of the Central Intelligence Agency, remembered his late friend Sen. John McCain, adding that America should heed his advice when it comes to political compromise.

Petraeus said America is witnessing a "hollowing out of the center," as politics becomes largely tribal on the left and right.

"McCain was one who was willing to give a little to get a lot," Petraeus said.

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He remembered spending several Fourths of July with McCain, who nearly always visited U.S. troops abroad during the holiday.

Petraeus said the Arizona Republican was such a good friend to many that the phrase, "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog" should be amended to have McCain's name put on the end as well.

He said that when controversy erupted and critics were calling for Petraeus to be demoted for allegedly sharing classified information with his ex-lover and biographer, Paula Broadwell, McCain was a staunch defender of his friend.

The Pentagon was considering removing one star from his four-star rank. 

Petraeus  also said McCain was an unwavering supporter of the nation's military throughout his life.

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