The panel on "The Five" said Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis should apologize for using the word "monkey" as part of an idiom to describe how he feels his rival would run the state.

DeSantis, a Republican congressman from the Atlantic coast, said Democratic rival and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum would "monkey up" the Florida economy. Gillum is African-American.

Greg Gutfeld said you have to "suspend belief" to think that DeSantis meant the term as a racial slight and not as a "verb" to carelessly hurt something. "Take a breath and let the guy clarify," he said.

Kilmeade and Juan Williams debated whether DeSantis' choice of words was similar to a perceived racial slight made on "Monday Night Football" in 1972 by commentator Howard Cosell. Both men seemed to agree that the now-deceased Cosell was not a racist.

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Cosell had exclaimed "look at that little monkey run" when Washington Redskins running back Alvin Garrett broke free for several yards against the Dallas Cowboys defense.

Lisa Boothe agreed that DeSantis should publicly apologize and shift back to criticizing his opponent as a tax-and-spend Democrat endorsed by democratic socialists like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

"When [far-left billionaires] Tom Steyer [and] George Soros finances you, that's what they want done," Brian Kilmeade said of Gillum's platform of state-run healthcare, abolishing ICE and impeaching President Trump.

"If I was Ron DeSantis [I'd apologize] and meant to say we've got to take this seriously," Kilmeade added.

Dana Perino said Gillum's far-left platform is an example of the "New England Democrat" ideology spreading elsewhere in the country.

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