Television host Mike Rowe joined the "Fox & Friends" co-hosts on Wednesday to discuss a mandatory anti-stress program at Florida State University and the "snowflake" phenomenon on college campuses.

The “Student Resilience Project,” which was developed by the Institute for Family Violence Studies at the FSU College of Social Work, is intended to “strengthen student emotional and academic coping skills.”

All incoming freshman and transfer students are required to finish a portion of the program prior to registering for classes. However, students can opt out of they are are too stressed to do it.

"You can opt out of a stress program if it causes anxiety?" Rowe said. "It's getting weird, guys."

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He said this type of "safe space mentality" has unintended consequences and an adverse effect on what should be the priority on college campuses: educating youth.

"Whether you call them millennials or snowflakes, we built the safe space. We're rolling out the anti-stress programs. We're the ones who are indulging talk of trauma for everyday situations," Rowe said. "I think we're the clouds from which the snowflakes fell. And at some point, we have to look at each other and say, 'What have we done here?' Seriously."

Rowe said there's a real disconnect, and many people who matriculate from four-year institutions enter the workforce with an implausible expectation.

"The expectation is real and the expectation is this: 'I want a job in my chosen field. I want that job to pay not just fairly but well. And, most interestingly, I would like that job to be in my zip code. Like, right now. I'm not really into this whole moving to where the work is,'" Rowe said.

He pointed out that there are approximately six million jobs available now in the United States, and 75 percent don't require a four-year degree.

Watch more from Rowe above.

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