Laura Ingraham called out the "incestuous relationship" between the media, prosecutors and partisans, highlighting a recent CNN "bombshell" report that used Michael Cohen's attorney as an anonymous source. 

On July 26, CNN reported on air and online that Cohen would testify to Special Counsel Robert Mueller that President Trump knew in advance about a 2016 Trump Tower meeting involving Donald Trump Jr., a Russian lawyer and others to discuss "dirt" on Hillary Clinton. 

Cohen's attorney, Lanny Davis, later recanted the information, saying he made a "mistake," and admitted he was a source for the CNN story and for a separate Washington Post report. 

President Trump blasted CNN for its reporting Wednesday, accusing the media of falsifying information through the use of anonymous sources.

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In her Angle monologue Tuesday, Ingraham noted the CNN report specified that Davis "declined to comment," but it has now emerged that he was actually "the major source" for the report.

CNN has stood by its reporting, saying Davis "keeps changing his story" about the Trump Tower meeting and claiming he was not the only source for the reports.

Ingraham said Davis has been a longtime "fixer" for the Clintons and has been "using the press to do his bidding for decades."

"This was deliberate and the folks at CNN were only too happy to join him in this misinformation charade. Why? Because they have a common enemy: Donald J. Trump," she said. 

Ingraham said the media "gleefully" ran with the malicious story because it fits into the larger "pathetic Russia narrative" that they have pushed since Trump was elected.

Watch the full monologue above.

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