Jehmu Greene joined Martha MacCallum on "The Story" Tuesday to discuss her op-ed titled "Why black women are ghosting the Democratic Party."

In the piece, Greene says the party talks a good game on supporting black women's leadership, but they fail to back it up with action.

Greene, a Fox News contributor and former Democratic National Committee (DNC) official, said she has heard from black women across the country who are running for office at all levels of government who have had no support from the Democratic Party at a local or national level.

"After a certain point, I decided, 'Look, this is not acceptable for the group that is largely responsible for Democratic wins around the country,'" Greene said.

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Although she still identifies as a proud Democrat, Green warned that the party has to "step up" or black women will disengage.

"We have to get to a point where the recognition from the Democratic Party around black women's leadership is seen as much as it is talked about," she said, adding that it's an opportune time to hold the party accountable with November's midterm elections looming.

She explained that Democrats cannot afford to have low voter turnout among black women.

"I'm not saying the party has not done anything, [but] they need to do a lot more."

Watch more from Greene above.

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