Tucker Carlson challenged former Clinton adviser Richard Goodstein on his fellow liberals finding no problems with "spying" on President Trump's presidential campaign.

"The left doesn't have any problem with the fact that the last administration (Obama) spied on its political opponents," he said, adding that "all the civil libertarians have left [the Democratic Party]," he said.

Goodstein said Carlson "insulted his audience" by accusing the government of spying on anyone in that regard.

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He said that ex-Trump aide Carter Page was an "agent of the Soviets" (sic) and that U.S. intelligence rightfully surveilled some of his activities.

Carlson disagreed, noting that no one in Trump's campaign orbit has been charged with espionage, and that Page himself has not been convicted of anything.

"Would you be OK with the Trump administration authorizing a wiretap... of aides to the leading Democratic candidate [in 2020]?" he asked.

Carlson said liberals including Obama "set a precedent here that [federal surveillance] is totally fine [so long as] someone mentions the word 'Russia'."

Goodstein maintained that the surveillance was based on evidence and not politics.

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