NFL legend and activist Jim Brown has been met with some backlash after expressing his support for President Trump and his opposition to athletes protesting during the national anthem.

“I should be criticizing Trump on every level because he does certain things that call for criticism, but when I look at television I see all these announcers become experts and they’re pointing the fingers and they’re not doing a doggone thing but pointing their fingers, I find myself really pulling for the president,” Brown said on JT The Brick radio show last week.

“Now, that would make me very unpopular in the black community, very unpopular with a lot of Americans … but I think that there are certain good things that are coming out of this presidency because we’ve never seen anything like it.”

Trump took to Twitter on Monday to thank Brown for his support.

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On "Fox & Friends" on Tuesday, Brown praised Trump for his handling of North Korea, and the fact that he has been receptive to Brown's input.

"This president is accessible and he's different, he challenging, and he pays attention to what I say," said Brown, who met with the then-president elect at Trump Tower in December 2016.

Brown said he's not focused on blaming the nation's problems on the president, but instead on working hard and using his influence to make the country better.

"We should look at ourselves first before we look at the president," Brown said. "We have to be able to, as citizens, bring something that the president can join forces with and triple the effectiveness of it."

As for his stance that he would "never kneel" for the anthem and "will always respect the flag," Brown doubled down.

"We should never denigrate our flag and our national anthem," Brown said. "We should always be Americans first and we should work our butts off to make it a better country. But to not respect your flag and your national anthem is something that I would never do."

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