In his Opening Monologue, Sean Hannity said Tuesday that new testimony by demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr showed that the FBI knowingly lied to FISA court judges to obtain a warrant to spy on a Trump campaign associate.

Hannity said Ohr understood that Christopher Steele's dossier would never have been accepted in a court of law, and that the FBI knew about Ohr's relationship with the ex-MI6 spy.

"He helped Steele spread anti-Trump Russian lies," Hannity said.

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Hannity reported that Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) discovered Ohr was never mentioned in any FISA application on the Trump matter.

He called it another sign of the "FBI's blatant effort to hide the true nature of the Clinton bought-and-paid-for, dirty Russian dossier.

Hannity said it's now a known "fact" that FISA court judges were lied to several times by "government bureaucrats to steal, sway, rob an election and at all costs stop Donald Trump from winning and destroy his presidency."

He said 60 pages of communications between Ohr and Steele show the former British spy was concerned his work would be exposed. 

"And for good reason, because this level of corruption and abuse should make every single American citizen sick," said Hannity, alleging that Trump was targeted and Hillary Clinton was given a "free pass" in a "two-tiered justice system."

Later in the show, Ratcliffe said the Justice Department failed to disclose "material facts" about Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Fusion GPS and how the Steele dossier was obtained. 

Ratcliffe said Ohr testified that he told a "half-dozen" senior FBI and DOJ officials about his interactions with Steele and Fusion GPS, but that information was not in the FISA applications.

Watch more above and hear from Rep. Ratcliffe below. 

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