President Donald Trump met with FIFA President Gianni Infantino and U.S. Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro at the White House on Tuesday to commemorate North America winning its bid for the 2026 World Cup.

During their meeting, which was open to the press and broadcast on a delay on "Shepard Smith Reporting," Infantino and Cordeiro gave Trump a number of gifts to remember the occasion.

Cordeiro and Infantino both gifted Trump commemorative soccer jerseys, but near the end of the photo op, Infantino reached off camera to get one last gift for Trump.

He handed Trump a wallet-sized cardholder with yellow and red cards that a soccer referee would wave to award penalties during a match.

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"The yellow card is [for] a warning," he said. "But, when you want to kick out someone, use [the] red card."

As he handed them to Trump, the president smiled and waved the red card at the assembled press.

"That's very good," Trump said, as those assembled laughed.

"Could be useful for the next media session," Infantino joked.

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