NRA national spokesperson and radio host Dana Loesch responded Monday on "Fox & Friends" to a threat on Twitter that targeted her children.

Following the deadly shooting at a Florida video game tournament, Loesch tweeted that gun-free zones should be eliminated.

A user responded in a since-deleted tweet that "what needs to happen" in order for Loesch to "learn" is to have her children murdered.

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Loesch reported the threat to Twitter's support account and received a response saying it didn't violate the social media giant's rules against "abusive behavior."

"This should not be the rule. This should be the exception," she said.

Loesch tweeted on Monday that Twitter followed up with her and found that the threat did violate its terms of service and locked out the user.

She said she wants the owners of social media companies to "rein in their employees’ biases," and that her situation seems to be an addition to the alleged censorship -- or "shadow banning" -- of conservative voices online.

"Enough is enough. It has to be even," she said.

Watch the interview above.

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