Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo said Monday on "The Story" that there is promise in the new trade deal outlined by President Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, but that it seems like a "Mission Accomplished moment" for the U.S. leader.

Acevedo, a frequent critic of Trump on immigration policies and his stance toward Mexico as a nation, said Trump appears to be "rush[ing] to declare victory on something that is not a done deal" in his quest to deconstruct NAFTA.

He estimated that the new deal would require Canada to sign on to deconstructing NAFTA and replacing it with a new bilateral or trilateral trade framework.

Acevedo appeared to compare Trump's praise for the framework to the "Mission Accomplished" banner and speech President George W. Bush offered in 2003 aboard an aircraft carrier. At the time, Bush declared that speech marked the end of the most intense fighting in Iraq.

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Acevedo said that Trump can indeed take credit for the trade deal as far as the American side of it goes.

"He did push for this," Acevedo said, adding that Mexico apparently likes the deal because the Peso gained a slight bit in the currency market.

But, he added that he does not like Trump's style of diplomacy in some ways.

"Why do we have to alienate friends and neighbors to get where we want to?" he said, noting Trump's tough talk toward Mexico, Canada, China and other nations.

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