West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R) said on "Fox & Friends" that President Trump recently called him to check on his son, Jay, who had fallen ill with a blood clot.

Justice said Saturday that after mentioning the scare at Trump's rally in the state on Wednesday, the president urged him to get back home to see his son.

"I walk up to him and he puts his arms around me ... he says 'As soon as this is over, you get the hell out of here and get back to your son," Justice recalled.

He said that a few days later, he was driving when the OnStar phone system in his car started ringing.

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"It's almost like God speaking to me," Justice joked, adding that it was Trump on the line, who had called for one reason.

He said that Trump asked him how his son was holding up, as the blood clot had moved into his lungs, according to West Virginia MetroNews.

"It's incredible that he would just take the time to call," Justice said. "That's the Donald Trump that people don't know."

He added that "everybody should know" that the president cares not only about the country, but the people living within it.

Justice said that his son is doing well, and was back at work on Thursday.

Watch the segment above.

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