The cover for the newest issue of TIME Magazine appears to depict President Trump drowning at the White House.

The cover, which is the work of artist Tim O'Brien, shows the Oval Office submerged, with Trump apparently struggling to keep his head above water.

"In Deep," the caption reads.

It's the third in a series of storm-related covers created by O'Brien.

The first, published one month into Trump's term, showed a gust of wind blowing Trump's hair and papers on his desk with the caption "Nothing to See Here."

The second, published in April 2018, used the same image as the first but with water submerging Trump's desk, alongside the caption "Stormy," in reference to Stormy Daniels.

The new "In Deep" cover comes on the heels of the news that former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort was found guilty on eight counts of banking and tax fraud, and longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors.

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On "Fox & Friends" on Friday, bestselling author and creator of the "Dilbert" cartoon Scott Adams praised the covers' imagery, but he said it seems like Americans are living in two completely separate realities.

"In one reality, the president keeps violating all these things which are not actual laws. So for example, there was a collusion that isn't illegal, the obstruction that didn't happen, the meeting at [Trump] Tower that wasn't illegal and now the payments to Stormy that are totally legal," Adams said.

He said part of the country believes Trump is a "serial law-breaker," while the other part sees absolutely nothing.

In situations like this, he said he likes to apply what he calls the "Bigfoot test."

"Two hunters go into the forest and they come back and one of them says, 'We talked to Bigfoot.' And the other hunter says, 'I was with you the whole time. I didn't see Bigfoot.' Which one of them is crazy?" Adams said. "Well, it's usually the one who's seeing stuff that isn't there."

Watch more from Adams above.

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