The panel on 'The Five' reacted Friday to House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi telling the AP she can "take the heat" of politics and plans to remain in her post.

Pelosi, 78, said she has "a following in this country unsurpassed by anybody unless they're running for president."

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Jesse Watters said Pelosi has a "vice-like grip on the Democratic Party" and that the party will not want a "leadership crisis" if they take the House back in November.

However, he said that back home, California's 12th District "is literally a mess." Watters referred to numerous reports of large piles of human waste that litter the streets of San Francisco.

Juan Williams said Pelosi has become "a piñata" for Republicans and wondered aloud why the 2018 midterms would be a referendum on Pelosi and not President Trump.

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