Neil Cavuto and Republican California Rep. Dana Rohrabacher engaged in what the anchor called a "rather aggressive exchange" Friday on "Coast to Coast" over the politics surrounding President Trump's relationship with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Cavuto asked Rohrabacher about his opposition to Sessions continuing on as attorney general.

"The fact that he has not quit is a disloyalty to this president and this country," Rohrabacher said, pointing to the contention that Sessions "disagrees with what the president wants him to do" on things including the Russia probe and the Clinton email matter.

"Jeff Sessions was not elected president," Rohrabacher said, adding that the media has engaged in an "incredible propaganda campaign" that "ties [Trump's] hands" and "lets Jeff Sessions get away with it.

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Rohrabacher, of Costa Mesa, said that if Trump fires Sessions, the media would cry out that he is engaging in a coverup of some incriminating matter, the reports of which would swirl around Washington and further disrupt the presidency.

Cavuto said that if Rohrabacher had a staffer that he was unhappy with, he would fire him "in a heartbeat" no matter the situation.

Rohrabacher reiterated that "fake news" has forced the president to fail to "do what is right" or "assume his authority as president" because there would be an "avalanche" of negative reports about Trump.

Cavuto disagreed with Rohrabacher's premise, saying that "it's not fake news to say the president and his attorney general have been going back and forth with each other."

"Don't think of it as fake news," Cavuto said. "If you don't like the guy... then fire his ass and be done with it."

Rohrabacher said the dynamics in today's society prevent the president from taking legally-permissible actions because they would have nightmarish public relations consequences, adding that some people have called such a situation a "conspiracy" to hurt Trump.

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