A Campus Reform reporter at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill said Thursday on "Fox & Friends First" that the unlawful destruction of statues is a nationwide problem.

Maggie Horzempa said the issue affects more than just UNC, citing a "mob" of students, staff and locals who tore down the century-old statue honoring university students who died in the Civil War.

"Silent Sam," as the statue was known, was controversial because it memorialized those who fought for the Confederacy after it seceded from the Union.

Horzempa said the campus does have a checkered past regarding the Confederacy and racism, but that destroying a statue does nothing to help that fact.

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"They should feel very lucky nobody was injured," she said.

Jillian Mele reported that numerous cities nationwide have taken down Confederate statues in one way or another -- both north and south of the Mason-Dixon.

"We can all condemn the mob rule," Horzempa said.

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