Tucker Carlson said Thursday that an exceptional phenomenon has taken over American politics, and President Donald Trump appears to be the subject of it.

Carlson said that the left currently has "one thing on its mind: impeachment."

He played video of several of the 222 times the term was mentioned on cable news yesterday.

Carlson said Trump is accused of such for the "high crime of being shaken down in an extortion scheme by a porn star girlfriend."

He said that story is just one example of the phenomenon he recognized: 

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"If the left exists only to oppose anything that Trump does or says, then isn't Trump in control of the left's message?" he asked.

He pointed to the fact that pornography was largely dismissed as vulgar, but now, "porn is noble" because of anti-Trump statements by Stormy Daniels

He said that, because Daniels attacked Trump, "the left is now strongly opposed to paying off former sex partners."

"They don't tell Bill Clinton that," he added. 

Carlson said some on the left defended the South African government after he said it was "engaged in racially motivated property seizures" against white South Africans, after Trump cited that in a tweet Wednesday.

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