The attorney for the illegal immigrant suspected of killing Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts elaborated Thursday on “The Story” upon his previous criticism of President Donald Trump.

Speaking to a gaggle of reporters in Poweshiek County, Iowa, earlier this week, Allan Richards said the law allows for suspect Cristhian Rivera to have the presumption of innocence.

He said that it’s “sad and sorry [Donald] Trump” has said “outrageous” things about his client, and that there is “no premise in the history of our country” that a president should interject into a case like Rivera’s.

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Martha MacCallum asked Richards about the police report stating that Tibbetts was allegedly followed by Rivera, and later died of "sharp force injury" before being dumped in a cornfield.

She also asked about Richards' decision to invoke Trump's name in the case.

"He's brought himself into it," Richards said. "People are buying into the concepts and notions that Mr. Trump is putting forward."

He said that Trump's interjections are "not proper" and that discussion of Rivera's immigration status is "rhetoric" -- a point on which MacCallum debated the attorney.

Watch the full discussion above.

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