On "Fox & Friends" Thursday, former homicide investigator Ted Williams retraced the steps of Mollie Tibbetts from the early-evening jog during which she was fatally attacked. 

Williams showed viewers the Brooklyn, Iowa, neighborhood where the 20-year-old University of Iowa was last seen alive.

According to law enforcement officers, Tibbetts was followed by 24-year-old Cristhian Rivera, an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

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Williams showed the streets where Tibbetts ran before making a final turn onto a rural road where she was attacked.

"The investigation continues," said Williams, adding that most would think a stalker would not want to attack someone in broad daylight in full view of other residents, but Rivera did so.

Police ended up catching a break in the case when they reviewed home surveillance video from homes along Tibbetts' jogging route and spotted the Chevy Malibu being driven by Rivera.

Rivera is said to have followed Tibbetts in his car on July 18 before getting out and running alongside her, prompting Tibbetts to pull out her phone and threaten to call the police. 

Rivera said he "blocked" from his memory the ensuing events, but he led investigators to Tibbetts' body, which was hidden in a corn field. 

Watch the full segment above. 

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