Conservative commentator and Republican political consultant Brad Blakeman slammed former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort during an appearance on "America's Newsroom" on Thursday.

Manafort on Tuesday was found guilty of eight charges of banking and tax fraud, and he now faces a second trial in Washington, D.C.

In an exclusive "Fox & Friends" interview, President Trump did not say "yes" or "no" when asked if he's considering pardoning Manafort.

Trump said he has "great respect" for Manafort, adding that the majority of consultants and lobbyists working in D.C. operate in a similar way.

Blakeman said he worked as a consultant and lobbyist in D.C., and he and most of the people he knew have never done anything like what Manafort did.

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"Paul Manafort's a bum. And he needs to face the music," Blakeman said. "He's a traitor to America. He didn't pay his taxes. He lied to banks to get loans that he did not deserve."

He said the jury did the right thing by finding Manafort guilty, and Trump owes absolutely nothing to his former campaign chair.

Blakeman added that there would be significant fallout if Trump decides to pardon Manafort.

He argued, however, that Manafort's looming trial in D.C. -- which centers on allegations of money laundering and his unreported foreign lobbying work in Ukraine -- should be put on hold until after November's midterm elections.

"The Democrats are going to politicize it. It has nothing to do with Trump or the campaign, but they will make it a campaign issue," Blakeman said. 

Watch the clip above. 

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