Constitutional expert and "Life, Liberty & Levin" host Mark Levin ripped Michael Cohen's attorney, saying that his client "pleaded to two counts that don't exist."

Levin also said President Donald Trump is "in the clear" based on where the case stands now. 

Cohen pleaded guilty to tax fraud charges as well as campaign finance violations, alleging he acted at the direction of then-candidate Trump. 

Levin argued that the campaign violations are not necessarily illegal acts just because they affected a campaign.

Turley on Cohen Plea Deal: Trump Could Be 'Unindicted Co-Conspirator' on Campaign Finance Violation

"Lanny Davis, the general counsel for the Clinton mob family had [Cohen] plead to two counts that don't exist," he said.

He said the allegation that Trump asked Cohen to facilitate "hush money" payments to women the then-mogul allegedly had affairs with is not illegal, even if the subject is a political candidate.

Levin said that Davis had Cohen plead to two counts that "aren't offenses [but that] the prosecutor insisted were offenses." 

"That's why he's no good -- that is Michael Cohen against Donald Trump," Levin said. "Has the Southern District of New York ever paid money in a non-disclosure agreement with any of its employees... It's done all the time."

"There was no violation of federal campaign law. Lanny Davis blew it," he added, blasting a tweet Davis sent claiming that Cohen testified under oath that Trump "directed him to commit a crime."

Earlier on "Special Report," law professor Jonathan Turley said Trump could end up as an "unindicted co-conspirator" in the matter and that Cohen's plea is "bad news" for the White House.

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