Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe argued Wednesday on Outnumbered that Democrats are quick to express outrage over the deportation of illegal immigrants, but not about crimes committed by illegals. 

Boothe responded to the killing of Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts, allegedly murdered by Cristhian Rivera, an illegal immigrant from Mexico. 

Boothe focused on a tweet sent by Rep. Joe Kennedy (D-Mass.) after ICE agents arrested an illegal immigrant while he drove his pregnant wife to the hospital in California. 

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Kennedy's tweet remains posted even though the "heartless" arrest was in connection with a murder case in Mexico involving the suspect.

Boothe said Kennedy hasn't tweeted anything about Tibbetts' murder by an illegal immigrant. 

"Go to Rep. Joe Kennedy's account. Where's the tweet on this?" Boothe asked. "When do you ever hear Democrats talk about angel parents?"

Marie Harf responded by saying that it's "unfair" to characterize Democrats in this way.

"Democrats of course want to keep American citizens safe. The idea that they don't is completely unfair," she said.

Former ICE Director Tom Homan appeared Wednesday on Fox & Friends and said the solution to the entire problem is a border wall.

"This is why we need a wall. This is why we need to fix the loopholes," Homan said. "I'm sick and tired of talking about this issue and meeting yet another 'Angel Mom' that's been created at the hands of an illegal alien. We've got to stop politicizing this issue and fix it once and for all."

Watch the heated discussion from "Outnumbered" above.

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