The mother of a young man murdered by an illegal immigrant gang member in 2002 reacted Tuesday on "Fox News @ Night" to the murder of Mollie Tibbetts.

Agnes Gibboney said her "heart goes out to the family" of Tibbetts.

Gibboney, a legal immigrant from Hungary to California, lost her son Ronald in 2002 at the hands of Mexican national and previous deportee Luis Gonzalez.

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"This is an outrage," she said of Tibbetts' death. "[It's] a preventable crime. If the politicians would secure our borders... maybe Mollie would still be alive today."

Cristhian Rivera,, a Mexican national, is accused of murdering Tibbetts and dumping her in an Iowa cornfield.

"How many more do we need to lose? How many more families need to be destroyed?" Gibboney asked. 

Rivera lived in the United States illegally for several years, but was reportedly still able to pass a government system designed to weed out illegal immigrants from obtaining American jobs by using a stolen ID.

Rivera's employer, Yarrabee Farms, confirmed Tuesday that Rivera worked at the farm for four years and said Rivera passed the federal E-Verify check, which is intended to maintain a database of I-9 forms and tax records of employees across the country.

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