Senator John N. Kennedy said on Fox Business Tuesday that ex-CIA Director John Brennan should live with the fact he made a conscious decision to "become a politician" and "make gobs of money" on television.

Kennedy (R-La.) said it is Brennan's right to do so, but that the North Bergen, N.J. native should not complain about President Trump revoking his security clearance in light of his recent statements.

Brennan said Trump has acted "nothing short of treasonous" and tweeted more than a dozen barbs at the president on Twitter. Kennedy said those statements were intentionally "provocative."

"If he repeated, in an airport, some of the things he said on television, they would put him in handcuffs or a straitjacket," Kennedy said.

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Kennedy said Brennan made the conscious decision to leave the "group" of federal officials who are by custom "above politics."

Kennedy said Brennan could have remained historically equal to well-regarded intel officials like McGeorge Bundy -- one of President John F. Kennedy's "wise men" on national security and a top aide to the late Gov. Thomas E. Dewey (R-N.Y.) -- or Condi Rice and Colin Powell.

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