Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said Tuesday on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that attorney Michael Cohen's set of guilty pleas may cause some trouble for President Trump, but that they are not "lethal" to his presidency.

Tucker Carlson said the fact Cohen "moved [money] apparently from Trump's accounts" to women the then-mogul allegedly had extramarital sex with is "very common" among famous people.

He asked Dershowitz if it is additionally illegal.

Dershowitz said that it is a "bad day" for Trump, but that the proceedings have not been as "deadly lethal" as some critics are portraying them.

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He called the incident "complicated" on a legal level, despite other media outlets "already playing the funeral music" for the Trump presidency after Cohen entered his plea in a Lower Manhattan, N.Y. courthouse.

He said some Trump critics are trying to level the charges to be an impeachable offense if Trump is explicitly implicated.

But, he cautioned that campaign finance violations are the "jaywalking" of electoral politics and that nearly every candidate breaks them in one way or another.

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