Former ICE Director Tom Homan said on "Outnumbered Overtime" that Monday's White House tribute to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Border Protection is what's right for the country.

Homan said that ICE agents are not only people he once led, but are also "America's people."

He praised President Trump for continuously meeting with military service members and law enforcement.

"This is why he's a great president," Homan said. "He talks the talk, and he walks the walk. I've been with the president at numerous town hall meetings, where he meets with the front-line law enforcement folks, who wear that Kevlar vest every day and enforce the laws. He stands shoulder-to-shoulder with them."

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According to a statement by the White House, Trump will honor the "brave individuals who are doing tremendous work every day to protect American communities" during the “Salute to the Heroes” event.

Homan also called out left-wing critics who are attempting to vilify ICE offers. 

"I find it un-American that you would want to attack a law enforcement officer for merely doing their job, enforcing the laws that Congress enacted."

He asked people critical of border family separations what another option would be, and also blasted Congress for not taking action.

"Congress had [the] ability to fix this and they didn't fix it," Homan said. "So, the fault lies at their feet first."

Watch the discussion with Harris Faulkner above.

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