Former federal prosecutor and Fox News contributor Andy McCarthy said the revelation that White House attorney Don McGahn has spoken at length with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team could be a sign that the Russia investigation is "winding down."

Fox News confirmed Saturday that McGahn had met several times with federal investigators, amid a New York Times report that the sit-downs totaled more than 30 hours over nine months.

In a tweet on Saturday, President Trump said he allowed McGahn and others on the White House staff to "fully cooperate" with Mueller in a bid to show there was "no collusion" and "no obstruction."

McCarthy, who served as assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York, noted that Mueller hasn't shown that he has a need to interview the president.

"I don't see how he gets past that if he has talked to a lawyer who can tell him what the president was thinking and what he was saying when he made the decisions that Mueller is looking at," McCarthy explained.

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“Since McGahn spoke to Mueller, what it looks like is that the investigation's actually winding down," McCarthy said.

He added that in the indictments of Russians for crimes related to election meddling there's "not a whiff" that Trump or his campaign was involved in any collusion.

McCarthy also noted that Mueller has quietly been farming cases out after he brings them, including referring the Michael Cohen case to the Southern District of New York and the Paul Manafort case to the Eastern District of Virginia.

"This doesn't look like McGahn came in and dropped the bomb and all of a sudden there's criminal liability," McCarthy said. "Actually, it looks like entirely the opposite."

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