The panel on The Five discussed Monday how New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to bash President Trump after declaring that America "was never that great."

Dagen McDowell said that Cuomo has dug such a deep hole in his 2020 presidential aspirations that he will have to take desperate measures.

"He will have to change his name to Hillary Clinton to have a better shot at running for the nomination," McDowell said, calling him "the worst retail politician ever."

The panel discussed how Cuomo appears to feel that he needs to push his ideology "farther left" because he is running in the Democratic gubernatorial primary against a celebrity, "Sex & the City" actress Cynthia Nixon.

McDowell said that the fact Cuomo and his family are so well known in the Empire State and beyond, he already is a "celebrity."

His late father was Gov. Mario Cuomo (D), his brother Chris is a CNN anchor, and he was previously married for 15 years to Kerry Kennedy -- the late Robert F. Kennedy's daughter.

Prior to becoming governor, Cuomo was also U.S Secretary of Housing & Urban Development under President Clinton.

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Cuomo told a church congregation over the weekend that the "debate" that Democrats are having with Trump is "about the type of country we want to be" and that Trump's "values," "beliefs" and "character" oppose what the mainstream desires.

Brian Kilmeade ripped the governor's comments, saying that he should focus more on the large majority of New York State that lies north the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Kilmeade said that Cuomo has done little to help the struggling Upstate -- where he banned fracking -- and that the governor is "robbing [Upstaters] of living in a future simply because he's trying to run for president."

The panel also reacted to Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) making a joke at a campaign rally about Trump drowning in the Potomac River.

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