Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren said that Democrats will do whatever it takes to romanticize gang violence problems in the country.

A video by news and opinion website Vox and nonprofit organization ProPublica aimed to "separate fact from fiction" about the brutal MS-13 gang.

"The Democratic Party has a love affair with illegal immigration," Lahren said Saturday on "Watters' World." "Point blank. Period."

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Democratic strategist Robin Biro criticized the video, which appeared to defend members of the notorious gang.

Biro said that the video wound up attempting to humanize MS-13 members, who are known for committing horrific crimes.

"I started to get concerned," he said.

He criticized House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's remarks from a May press conference that asked if President Trump was recognizing the "divinity" and "dignity" within every human being, even those in MS-13 who are responsible for murders.

"I hope she doesn't win re-election," he said.

Lahren responded by saying that MS-13 gang violence is a result of illegal immigration, and it needs to be looked at more closely.

"Until you acknowledge the problem with illegal immigration, we're still in the same boat," she said.

Watch the discussion above.

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