A political analyst on MSNBC said that some Republicans are so loyal to President Trump that if asked in a poll, they'd allow him the ability to kill their parents.

John Heilemann was responding to a comment from Commentary Magazine's Noah Rothman, who noted a poll that found 43 percent of Republicans believe the president should have authority to dissolve media outlets "engaged in bad behavior.”

"I would like a pollster to test this question: How many people in the Republican Party think that it would be OK for Donald Trump to dissolve their own grandparents?" Heilemann asked in response.

"I’m virtually certain that if it was a Donald Trump–related question, you'll get like 10 percent that would be like ‘Donald Trump has the power to do whatever he wants, including kill my parents.'"

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The comment garnered a confused response from the panel, until co-anchor Willie Geist said he understood what Heilemann meant after a moment of thinking.

Brandon Straka, founder of the "#WalkAway Campaign," reacted to the bizarre instance on "Justice With Judge Jeanine."

"I think what we're seeing here [are] the pseudo-intellectual reporters in the media who can't fathom the idea that there are Trump supporters who are actually smarter and savvier than they are," he said.

Straka added that some people are looking for ways to show what others will do in order to drop their support for the president.

"But Trump supporters are almost trolling these people," he said. "They know what's going on in these polls. It's a joke."

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