Greg Gutfeld said Saturday that his time visiting presidential libraries got him thinking of what a Trump library would look like.

He said that on a recent visit to the Richard Nixon library, he saw a wall devoted to 1968, a year inundated with crime and war.

"The face is the media wants you to think 2018 ... is worse, far worse, than 1968, a time of division and war," Gutfeld said.

Hundreds of news outlets across the country published coordinated editorials last week that hit back against President Trump's attacks on the press.

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"The Donald Trump Super Extreme Presidential Luxury Library" would be half luxury yacht and half supersonic jet.

It'd even be built before Trump's time in office is up, and the library's water fountains would actually be filled with tears squeezed from the faces of former Hillary Clinton staffers.

There would even be a special hall full of Trump's achievements, like replacing war with puppies and making every day Independence Day.

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Later in the show, Gutfeld addressed Southwest Airlines limiting its emotion support animals on flights and offered his own solution: the Human Support Animal.

"Brad" is the world's first human support animal. He's nurturing, always puts things into perspective and is allowed on every flight!

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