A World War II veteran turning 100 years old received a birthday card from the White House among tens of thousands of others from people around the country.

Isaac "Ike" Fabela's family said that his one wish was to receive 100 cards in celebration of the big event.

Fabela's request was granted, and according to one of his daughters he received more than 50,000 cards and packages by his birthday on June 6.

A Facebook video from July 30, though, shows Fabela opening a package from "the big one," the White House.

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The touching video, which has been viewed more than one million times, shows Fabela reading his card from President Trump and the First Lady aloud.

"We hope your heart is filled with joy, knowing you have experienced this country's greatest blessing: the freedom and affection of family and friends over a long, well-lived life," he read.

Fabela was overcome with emotion upon finishing the letter and seeing it was signed by Trump and his wife.

"Oh my god," he said.

Todd Piro said Saturday on "Fox & Friends" that there's a feeling within the military community that President Trump and his administration has a newfound respect for the military not seen in past administrations.

"Whether or not you agree with President Trump ... you have to give the man and his administration credit for what they have done for our veterans," Piro said.

Ed Henry added that Fabela is someone who truly makes America great.

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