A professor at a university in Colorado has assigned books that criticize President Trump as required reading material for her class.

Campus Reform received the syllabus for the course, "Topics in Public Rhetorics," from a student who wished to remain anonymous.

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs course is taught by professor Katherine Mack, who is also the chair of the university's English department.

The required reading material reportedly claims that people should challenge the “Trump effect" and also label the president's supporters as prejudiced against minority groups.

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Grace Gottschling reported that Mack's syllabus ironically advises students to “never demean, belittle, devalue, or otherwise put down others for their comments, questions, experiences, or ideas.”

Campus Reform Media Director Cabot Phillips said Saturday that conservative students in the class will likely be intimidated and less likely to speak up.

"If you're an 18-year-old college student, or 20-year-old college student coming into class, you've already had this required reading. You know exactly what your professor thinks of you if you're conservative," he said on "Fox & Friends."

Gottschling also reported that Mack's syllabus states students are required to discuss liberal-leaning pieces.

"[Professors] know that they can push this rhetoric and there won't ever be consequences," Phillips added. "People rarely hold them accountable."

In a statement, the Chancellor Venkat Reddy said of the course that the university "will continue to be committed to the principles of free speech, academic freedom and respect for diverse viewpoints."

Todd Piro also said Saturday that the course is attempting to indoctrinate and silence speech.

"This is next-level stuff," he said.

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