Candace Owens criticized Facebook after the social media giant censored a number of videos from conservative site PragerU, only to subsequently claim they were “mistakenly” removed.

PragerU tweeted that Facebook had either deleted or limited the reach of its videos, some of which touched on the subject of how speech is being stifled on college campuses.

Facebook then apologized, tweeting in response that the videos had "mistakenly" been removed, and that it's "very sorry."

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Owens, Turning Point USA's communications director, had been locked out of her Twitter account after copying tweets from Sarah Jeong, the newest member of the New York Times' editorial board.

The Times had stated it is standing by Jeong after several past derogatory tweets of hers were uncovered.

Owens said on "Fox & Friends" that she finds it comical that social media bans seems to only be happening with conservative voices.

"It's always an apology," she said, adding social media censorship is a "very real problem."

Owens also revealed that she had been banned from Facebook for a week as well. She said that social media is attempting to propel liberal voices and silence conservative ones.

"Especially those that support our great president," she said.

President Trump voiced his objection to social media censorship on Twitter Saturday morning, saying that his administration won't let it happen.

Watch the segment above.

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