A wounded veteran slammed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for declaring that America “was never that great.”

Cuomo -- a prominent Democrat and rumored 2020 presidential candidate -- made the seemingly offhand remark as part of his rebuke of President Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan during a bill-signing event in New York.

“We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great,” Cuomo said, to an awkward blend of gasps and chuckles.

Cuomo, through a spokesperson, tried to backtrack somewhat, but the backlash to the statement has been intense.

Marine Staff Sgt. Johnny "Joey" Jones (Ret.) -- who lost both of his legs and suffered other permanent injuries in an IED explosion in Afghanistan -- took to Twitter to call Cuomo a "coward."

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On "Fox & Friends," Jones said Americans have rejected Cuomo's policies, so the governor's reaction was to turn around and say, "It wasn't worth fighting for anyway. America wasn't that great anyway."

"I want to give Gov. Cuomo a little bit of a lesson real quick: When the president says, 'Make America great again,' what he means and what voters who voted for him hear is, 'Make our elected representatives represent our greatness again,'" Jones said.

He said Cuomo has shown his true colors, and it's clear that he has little faith in the American people. 

"We're a great place. We've pretty much always been a great place. Never a utopia but always striving to be one," Jones said. "And anyone in charge of a state as important as New York that can't see that has no place in the political discourse."

Watch more from Jones above.

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