Shannon Bream challenged Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) on "Fox News @ Night" on the success of the economy under President Trump and its implications for the midterm elections.

Cicilline argued that Republicans have no message heading into November, so they focus their campaigns on attacking Democrats like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Bream said Republicans can campaign effectively on the economy, noting that a new Gallup poll found that 50 percent of Americans approve of President Trump's handling of the economy, and the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center determined that approximately 85 percent of Americans will see lower taxes because of the GOP tax bill.

"People say generally they feel like they're doing well, so how can you say that the Republicans can't run on the economy?" Bream said.

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Cicilline pushed back by pointing out that 83 percent of the legislation's benefit will go to the top one percent, and 85 million working families will see an increase in their taxes over the life of the bill.

He said the American people see that Republicans are fighting for the rich, corporations and powerful special interests, and that the tax bill is a reflection of that.

"This tax cut is wildly unpopular, which is why Republicans are not talking about it anymore and they're talking about Nancy Pelosi," Cicilline said.

Bream reiterated that the numbers from independent reports show that the vast majority of Americans have benefited in some way from the tax bill, and recent poll numbers suggest that the president is getting credit for the booming economy.

Watch the "Fox News @ Night" debate above.

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